It is the day you get to be perfect. Everything about you is beautiful and everything around you is made spectacular by the excitement of your wedding. It's a day like this that you deserve to remember exactly how you looked and exactly how you felt. That is why bridal portraits are so important.

Keep the Memory Bright

One of the reasons wedding photography is as much an essential as the white dress and flowers is because, after the guests have left, the decorations have been taken down, and the flowers have faded, you will still have the album of photos, as bright and vivid as it was the day you got them. Bridal portraits are a special part of that album. They are a way to remember how happy and hopeful and beautiful you looked on your wedding day. Decades from now, your kids can come across one of your bridal portraits in a photo album and say, "Wow. Wasn't Mom a beautiful bride?"

Work With a Friend

However, getting those perfect bridal portraits isn't easy. In the rush before the wedding, the bride is often busy doing a hundred different things. The last thing she wants is someone snapping pictures of her constantly as she is trying to focus on getting everything ready. After years of working as a Raleigh bridal portraits photographer, Joe Payne knows how to capture all the special moments with the bride on her wedding day without getting in the way or distracting her from all the excitement.

Feel Beautiful Forever

An eye for artistic shots and photos that express the personality of the bride and all the emotion she is feeling is what makes Joe Payne an ideal bridal portrait photographer. He gets to know you and your style so that he can create amazing portraits that not only express how beautiful you look, but how beautiful your personality and your relationship are. Joe Payne Photography guarantees you a great experience working together, and even more importantly, breathtaking bridal portraits that you can treasure to help keep the memory of your wedding day bright.