There are several reasons why to consult Joe Payne Photography as your Raleigh engagement photographer. The first reason is the quality of the photos themselves. However, many Raleigh wedding photographers offer great quality pictures. So what is it that sets Joe Payne photography apart? It's the experience of the photo shoot.

Discussing Ideas Together

Although you definitely want a Raleigh engagement photographer that knows the area and can suggest great locations and knows what time of day gives the best lighting for photos, you also want to work with someone that incorporates your ideas as well. After years of working as a wedding and engagement photographer, Joe Payne knows that the best photos come from combining his experience with your input. So part of the engagement photo process is discussing it with you, getting to know you, and discovering your personality and style so that he can express that in your photos.

Choosing the Perfect Raleigh Locations

Deciding on a location for your engagement photos is influenced by several factors. First of all, how much time do you have for the photo shoot? This will determine how far you are willing to drive and where you can go. From there, you and your fiancé get to brainstorm ideas. What are some of the places that are most special to you? Maybe the place where you went on your first date, the coffee shop where you used to meet and talk all the time, a park you love to go to, or the spot where he proposed. If you find a place that is meaningful to you it will make the photos all the more special. If a list of locations doesn't come immediately to mind, you can talk with Joe and he will show you some ideas for great places to take your engagement photos.

Finding Out That Photography Is Fun

Often having a photographer snapping pictures of you and making you stand in different poses can feel very awkward and uncomfortable. But that's not the way it goes with Joe Payne Photography. Joe makes sure the experience is enjoyable for everyone involved. For instance, one of his favorite things to do is to go get a drink with the bride and groom beforehand. This way you feel like a friend is working with you to create your engagement photos, not that a stranger is just taking your picture because he's paid to. Engagement photo shoots are sure to be laugh-out-loud fun with Joe and a wonderful experience with your fiancé.