One of the first question many a Raleigh Wedding Photographer is asked is, "How would you describe your style?" Although there are several trademarks of Joe Payne's photography style, there is no formula, no generic list of photos that he always takes, because every wedding is a different experience and each bride and groom have their own unique style.

Something Old, Something New

You know the old wedding saying about something old, something new. When it comes to photography, Joe Payne uses his experience and your new ideas to create exactly the photos you want. Over the years of being a photographer, Joe certainly has picked up tricks of the trade and ideas that work, as well as an eye for what makes a beautiful photo. However, he doesn't just come up with a list of poses that he invariably uses for every couple during an engagement portrait session or wedding photos. He enjoys talking with you, getting to know your stories and your personalities, and then expressing your style in the photography, not just his own. When you work with Joe, you can feel free to voice anything you had in mind, and he will work to make the photos you are imagining ones that you can put in an album and keep forever. He knows that the best shots come from combining his experience with your new ideas.

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

One of the reasons brides love the tradition of "something borrowed, something blue" is because it is such a small detail but it usually holds such significance. Your "something blue" might be a tiny blue hairpin that your grandmother wore in her wedding. It might be something very small, but full of value. And that detail is one you want to remember about your wedding. That is one of the advantages of working with Joe Payne Photography. Joe has an eye for discovering what the important details of the wedding day are and capturing them in his photos so you can keep the memory of them bright forever. He doesn't just take the typical snapshots that every photographer knows to take. By getting to know you personally, he understands what it is you value and want to remember, and that is the focus of his photography.