angel & jeff, august 2016 As the previous reviews have already said, Joe has an incredible eye for taking amazing photos! He was able to capture the raw emotion throughout the entire wedding. In fact, he had captured sentimental moments I had forgotten even happened! For example, after we said our vows and were walking out of the chapel, we both looked down at my husband's ring and shared a moment where we thought, wow, we're finally married! I completely forgot we had even done that, but Joe captured it perfectly. Every photo brings you back to that exact point in time. I read that in the reviews but didn't fully understand it until I saw my own photos. I love looking through them! Joe is so charming and talented! Just let him work his magic and you'll definitely fall in love with everything he gives you. It was wonderful to be able to be so hands off, and know that the end product would be everything we hoped for and more. And as a side note, if you're getting married at Duke, I don't think any other photographer (or anyone period) knows Duke Gardens as well as Joe. I definitely recommend working with Joe for your wedding photography needs!
angel & jeff, august 2016