ashley & matt, october 2015   My husband and I fell in love with Joe Payne's documentary style photographs on a photojournalist site. We were enamored with how he perfectly captured expressions and emotions in his pieces, as we were not fond of the "posed" photos that other wedding photographers so frequently exhibit. During our wedding day, Joe Payne floated about in the background, snapping photos as the day progressed--it was so awesome to see him contorting himself to capture unique angles or dropping on to the floor to get a certain perspective. My husband and I aren't used to being the center of attention for photos, which made for some hilarious moments as Joe would instruct us to interact around our venue. Joe made us feel super comfortable in front of the lens and we loved making him laugh (my husband and I are super silly people). He truly is a diamond in the rough. Joe Payne is brilliant at artistically directing and capturing his shots, and isn't afraid to come into the foreground to make sure he can accurately snap his subjects (like shooing random kids running around on the golf course). My husband and I's families have showered the photos with endless compliments--and both of our moms were absolutely IN LOVE with all of Joe's work. Hiring Joe Payne as your wedding photographer is the best investment you can make as a couple! We'd hire him again in a heartbeat!
ashley & matt, october 2015