Well, the bride said "Phenomenal!" ... and as we know - THAT is the most important thing! As father of the bride, and a photographer (hack), I enjoyed observing the wedding photographer selection process, occasionally when asked, giving input. It's quite interesting - seeing what makes a bride's preference. I also enjoyed watching Joe work at the wedding. He was professional throughout - and clearly knew what he needed to have to complete the assignment. The bride had very few "must haves," and wanted to give as much creative freedom as possible. Joe made the most of the opportunity. Not too long after the wedding, came the teasers for Facebook. That created a nice buzz, and lots of positive anticipation. When the entire shot selection rolled out, there were lots of positive comments, oohs and ahhhs.. Some nice captures, as well as some edgy compositions that reflected the couples personalities quite well. Expectations were high in advance of the wedding - and Joe delivered! Great job Mr. Payne - and thanks for creating some lifelong memories!
Bruce (The Father of the Bride), October 2014