As soon as you meet Joe Payne you'll fall in love with his cheerful personality and awesome British accent to go along with it! His work is certainly top of the line! As a wedding planner, I've had the pleasure to be on both sides of the fence. Joe has captured amazing head shots for my business needs that I couldn't have been more pleased with! As vendor partners, Joe has captured stunning, mouth dropping, magazine worthy photos for my clients!! These days it seems as if "photographers" come a dime a dozen. That is why I stress to my clients the importance of a PROFESSIONAL and TALENTED photographer such as Joe! What I love most about Joe is that he doesn't feel the need to keep up with the "Pinterest Trends." He is confident in his work. His journalistic style presents classic photos that are sure to last a lifetime. For an amazing experience and amazing photos to show for it, I would highly recommend Joe Payne Photography!
Cheylaina (wedding planner), June 2014