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February 25, 2019

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katherine & andy, september 2018

katherine & andy, september 2018

Pretty much right after booking our venue, my husband and I went through their list of recommended photographers because we knew that having amazing photographs from our wedding was a high priority for us. As we reviewed all of the photographers’ websites, Joe emerged as the clear frontrunner because of how beautifully he leverages natural light in his work and how nicely he captures genuine emotions. Meeting him on a video call further reinforced that he was a great fit for us because he is down-to-earth and has a great sense of humor but also takes the quality of his work very seriously. Joe ended up doing both our engagement photographs and our day-of wedding photography. He has a very well-organized process for gathering information about couples’ styles and the types of photographs that they want leading up to the wedding through distributing periodic and detailed online forms, which made communicating everything to him super easy for us. Joe also set aside some time to grab a drink with us before our engagement photographs and get to know us, which was an excellent idea and helped further refine his understanding of relationship dynamic, which we feel really contributed to the quality of our photos. We don’t have formal photographs taken of us very often and knowing that that is the case with most people who get engaged and married, he was also awesome at making us feel comfortable and providing clear and helpful instructions to us about how we should stand, pose, and interact to get the best shots. On the day of our engagement pictures, his commitment to getting the lighting perfect and varying it for different settings was also seriously impressive– we moved around quite a bit and the variety of the resulting work product was lovely. On the day of our wedding, it was raining on and off and Joe was super flexible and patient with the way in which the circumstances threw our original schedule off. In the end, we got a bunch of stunning rain-free photos and also got a few bonus artsy ones that featured a bit of rain, which we loved. The wedding party echoed our opinion that Joe was wonderful to work with and made everyone feel so comfortable, which contributed to the overall positive vibe of the day. The pictures that Joe delivered from our wedding were the perfect balance of traditional group portraits, shots of the decor and details that we valued capturing after having spent so much time wedding planning, and a lot of great candids. He captured my desired aesthetic of a little bit of glamour, romance, and tradition and a lot of fun in the most gorgeous way. Long story short, hiring Joe was a no-brainer for us and a choice that we would make again and again if we could do things all over! :)

katherine & andy, september 2018

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