Joe is a true professional who delivers stunning, unique wedding photos!

When looking for a wedding photographer, we knew we wanted to work with a someone who would capture the day as it naturally happened, and not try to direct or pose every little moment. After speaking with Joe and looking at his portfolio, we knew instantly that his style and philosophy aligned with ours, and we hired him for our September 2019 wedding. We did not do engagement photos, so the first time I ever met Joe in person was on the wedding day! I knew his photos would be amazing, but he had never shot at our venue, so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect.

Well, let me just say that Joe is an absolute master of wedding photography. There is so much that to being a wedding photographer: you have to keep track of schedules, manage personalities, adapt to the weather, capture every moment in changing conditions, edit thousands of photos, and deliver them in a short time span, among so much else. Joe did all of this, and more, with a level of professionalism and talent that I can’t even comprehend.

First, I’ll talk about the photos. Good god. The sheer number of stunning photos we got back, all of them beautifully edited, is astonishing. Literally thousands of photographs, each of them more beautiful than the last. On our wedding day, we let Joe do his thing and tried not to interject too many specific photo requests. I am so glad we did it that way, because Joe skipped the overdone Pinterest-inspired photos I thought I wanted, and instead shot an array of artistic, unique, and beautifully stylized images that genuinely capture the emotion (and craziness!) of our day. Moreover, Joe individually reviews and edits each photo, which adds so much to the finished product and really sets him apart from other photographers.

Aside from the photos, here are some more things I loved about working with Joe:

• He is prompt and direct in his communication, without fail. He is so on top of his shit, and it makes your life easier as bride/groom. • He goes with the flow, but is assertive when he needs to be in order to keep things on track. • He is on time, and he works his butt off the entire day. At one point I was genuinely concerned about how intensely he was working in the heat! Our guests even commented on how he seemed to be everywhere at once! • He is very experienced and great at problem solving when you need it most. Rain delayed our ceremony and completely ate into our photo time, but he did such a great job of managing the changes and keeping things on track. • Fabulous British sense of humor. • The way that he delivers the photos to you is awesome. You can download them all from an online portal, which is an A+ on the user friendliness.

All in all, I just want to thank Joe from the bottom of my heart for how much he contributed to not just our wedding day, but our lives and memories. Our wedding was pretty wild with activity, and he captured every moment from family portraits to fireworks. We will cherish the photos forever. If you are reading this and considering a wedding photographer, I can't recommend Joe enough.

laura & joe, september 2019
laura & joe, september 2019