Photo Use and Credit Policy

Dear All,

I love working with other wedding professionals and it’s always my pleasure to share the images from the weddings we have worked on together with you for your professional use. I want you to be able to use any and all photos you like however you’d like, be it content for your website or blog, social media posts or print and web advertising. It really is my pleasure to see my photos out there being seen and appreciated by people.

That being said, unfortunately, there’s a growing trend where myself and other photographers are seeing our images appropriated and used by others without proper acknowledgment or credit. This is not just a case of bad etiquette, but of actual copyright infringement which negatively impacts our businesses in a very competitive market. When I post blogs or to social media, I always spend a lot of time and care crediting the relevant vendors for each wedding with links to their site. It would be great if people using the content I have created reciprocated the courtesy. As such, if you would like to use my photos, all I request is that due credit be given to Joe Payne Photography per the following examples. Again, improper crediting/tagging is copyright violation, so please be respectful of the fact that these are my images and this is my livelihood. THANKS!

1 - Filters. Every image I release is lovingly hand-finished by me before sending it out to the client. Please do not add any Instagram filters or in any way adjust the look of the image I have presented to my clients.

2 - Cropping. Please do not crop my photos in any way whatsoever. Instagram used to force people to use a square crop, but that is no longer the case. I also provide both watermarked and non-watermarked versions of my images, so please do not crop out my watermark, just use the non-watermarked version instead.

3 - Logos & Watermarks. Please do not put any other logo or watermark on my images without contacting me first.

Stories: Please tag us in each of the photos you are using in your story.

Reels & Posts: Tag our photos in the caption with @joepaynephoto per the examples below. Using a # is optional, but the @ is required. Tagging us in the actual photo would be nice too, but is not required.


Please tag our photos with @joepaynephotography.


Photo credit must be to Joe Payne Photography, in the text of the page or post, and be a live link back to Some 3rd party blogs or pages do not allow for live links on certain vendors (if they’re not paying advertisers for example). Regardless of this, for the photos to be used on those pages there must be a live link back to Joe Payne Photography – or the photos are not allowed to be used on the post or page. DJ Rang’s website is an excellent example of how to credit on websites – here, and here.

Websites & Blogs