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Since then, we’ve welcomed new ones into our lives and said sad goodbyes to others so I am forever grateful for the amazing photos we have from that moment in our life.

I spent 15 years as a photojournalist which helped me craft an eye for unique moments. In 2010 and 2012 I was honored as photographer of the year in the state of North Carolina.

I get to work with some amazing, fun-loving couples whose joy for life shines through in the photos we make together. My career as a photojournalist has provided countless opportunities to meet new and interesting people and I truly enjoy learning everyone’s story. That’s exactly what a wedding is for me: a chance to get to know incredible people, like yourself, and tell the story of this milestone in your life.

Your wedding is a celebration and I want you to be be filled with that same sense of joy every time you see your photos hanging on the wall, flip through your wedding album, or see the image that pops up when your spouse calls your phone.

I’m a son of Georgia and North Carolina who married a girl from Connecticut . My wedding day was the second best day of my life, next to the day my son was born.

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