Hair & Make-Up: Identity Hair Salons and Spas , Cincinnati, OH Location: Krippendorf Lodge, Milford, OH Cake: Sugarplums Cupcakery, Milford, OH Dress: European Bridal, Reading, OH Band: Frankly Speaking, Cincinnati, OH Assistant Photography: Easley Blessed, Cincinnati, OH October took me back up to my old stamping ground in Cincinnati, where I was lucky enough to photograph Samantha and Jimmy’s wedding at the Krippendorf Lodge. It was a beautiful day for an outdoor wedding and the sunshine and autumnal colours provided a striking backdrop to the pictures. Sam and Jimmy are a fantastic couple and I have really enjoyed getting to know them over the last year. I wish them all the very best for their upcoming move to Brazil. Good luck guys! These are just some of my favourites from their day. Samantha&JimmyBlog-31 Samantha&JimmyBlog Samantha&JimmyBlog-2 Samantha&JimmyBlog-3 Samantha&JimmyBlog-4 Samantha&JimmyBlog-5 Samantha&JimmyBlog-6 Samantha&JimmyBlog-7 Samantha&JimmyBlog-8 Samantha&JimmyBlog-9 Samantha&JimmyBlog-10 Samantha&JimmyBlog-11 Samantha&JimmyBlog-12 Samantha&JimmyBlog-13 Samantha&JimmyBlog-14 Samantha&JimmyBlog-15 Samantha&JimmyBlog-16 Samantha&JimmyBlog-17 Samantha&JimmyBlog-18 Samantha&JimmyBlog-19 Samantha&JimmyBlog-20 Samantha&JimmyBlog-23 IOW13 Samantha&JimmyBlog-24 Samantha&JimmyBlog-57 Samantha&JimmyBlog-25 Samantha&JimmyBlog-21 Samantha&JimmyBlog-26 Samantha&JimmyBlog-22 Samantha&JimmyBlog-58 Samantha&JimmyBlog-27 Samantha&JimmyBlog-28 Samantha&JimmyBlog-56 Samantha&JimmyBlog-30 Samantha&JimmyBlog-32 Samantha&JimmyBlog-33 Samantha&JimmyBlog-34 Samantha&JimmyBlog-35 Samantha&JimmyBlog-36 Samantha&JimmyBlog-37 Samantha&JimmyBlog-38 Samantha&JimmyBlog-40 Samantha&JimmyBlog-39 Samantha&JimmyBlog-41 Samantha&JimmyBlog-42 Samantha&JimmyBlog-43 Samantha&JimmyBlog-44 Samantha&JimmyBlog-45 Samantha&JimmyBlog-46 Samantha&JimmyBlog-47 Samantha&JimmyBlog-48 Samantha&JimmyBlog-49 Samantha&JimmyBlog-50 Samantha&JimmyBlog-51 Samantha&JimmyBlog-53 Samantha&JimmyBlog-54 Samantha&JimmyBlog-55

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