August 23, 2012

carolina inn wedding photography ~ danielle and thomas

Carolina Inn Weddings

Wedding Ceremony: Forest Theatre, Chapel Hill, NC

Pastor: Brad O’Brien, Durham, NC

Wedding Reception: The Carolina Inn, Chapel Hill, NC

Hair and Make-Up: The Aveda Institute, Chapel Hill, NC

Cake: Lynn’s Traditions, Raleigh, NC

DJ: Darin Henly, Charlotte, NC

Assistant Photographer: Rebecca Ferguson, Durham, NC

I met Danielle and Thomas back in March and was immediately struck with the fact they were such an easy-going, fun couple. So, as you can imagine, I was very pleased when they asked me to document their wedding day at the Forest Theatre and The Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill – two of the most picturesque venues in the area.

From the preparation pictures at the Inn, to the ceremony, to the formals at the Old Well on the UNC campus and back to the Inn for the reception, you can see we had fun the whole day. It really was a great Chapel Hill wedding for everyone involved.

Here are a few of my favourite images from the day:

raleigh wedding photographer wins award 01:25 January 8, 2013
[...] With ceremonies and receptions at beautiful venues across North Carolina from Lake Lure to the Carolina Inn and Duke Chapel, a whole host of fantastic couples, and a number of awards it really was a great 12 [...]

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