Wedding Ceremony: St. Francis of Assisi, Raleigh, NC

Wedding Reception: Brier Creek Country Club, Raleigh, NC

Hair and Make-Up: Vanessa Pendyck, Raleigh, NC

Cake: Cinda's Creative Cakes, Holly Springs, NC

Florists: Fresh Affairs, Raleigh NC

DJ: Steve Stowe, Joe Bunn DJ Company, Raleigh, NC

Assistant Photographer: Rebecca Ferguson, Durham, NC

It's probably the Brit in me, but I'm not really the type of guy that gets on their blog and gushes about how amazing their clients are as I think it can get a bit samey and appear insincere after a while. I truly like all my clients and walk away from my time with them considering each and every one of them as friends. Being asked into such an intimate setting as one's wedding day means that bonds are invariably forged between us. Those relationships and the fun of the day are just two of the reasons why I feel so passionate about what I do.

But for Lisa and Mark I have to say that I really did have an extra special day given what a truly lovely couple they are to be around and photograph. As was the case with their Raleigh engagement session, their love for each other was evident and it really took very little direction from me to have that emotion come through in the wedding photography, which is just how I like it! Aside from that, their friends and family were a joy to spend time with, as were the other wedding vendors I got to work with on the day. Massive props to Vanessa Pendyck for getting everyone looking so good (shame she could do nothing for me). Cinda raised the bar yet again with a gorgeous wedding cake and the bridal flowers from Fresh Affairs were beautifully original. I want to say a special thank you to Rebecca from Rebecca Ferguson Photography for having my back again, Steve from Joe Bunn DJ company for getting the party to kick it up a notch for some brilliant photo ops and to Shelly and the team at the Brier Creek Country Club for looking after us all so well!

Congrats again to Lisa and Mark! You guys are brilliant together.

Here are a few of my favourite wedding photographs from the day:

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