Hi everyone,

At the end of March, I got together with Cassie and John for a walk around downtown Raleigh for their engagement photography session. We met up at The Oxford, had a couple of drinks and headed out into the city to find the light as the sun was setting.

As always, I tried to do things a little differently from my previous shoots in the area so we mixed things up a bit by shooting solely with prime lenses. Invariably, the fixed focal length forces you to see things differently and this case was no exception. It makes you think a bit more about your composition, which means more work, but that's definitely a good thing. A good example of how that can work out can be seen in the shot below where the couple are reflected off a glass table top (which just happens to be inside the church Cassie went to as a child). If I'd had a zoom, I'd have probably gone the easy route and composed the shot on the other side of the table.

Anyway, enough banter. Here are just a few of my faves from the sesh.

downtown raleigh engagement
artistic engagement photography
reflected embrace
raleigh engagement session
directional light photo
downtown raleigh engagement photography
raleigh sunset engagement photo

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