Wedding Ceremony: Greenwood Forest Baptist Church, Cary, NC Officiant: Rev. Ben Boswell Reception: Caffé Luna, (Catering Manager: Darcey Tinga), Raleigh, NC Wedding Dress: Olga’s Bridal and Formal Couture, Raleigh, NC Cake: Square Rabbit, Raleigh, NC Flowers: Every Bloomin’ Thing, Cary, NC DJ: Randy Pulley, Raleigh, NC Hair: Shea Rieper, Hair Color Xperts, Cary, NC Makeup: Shannon Bissette, Hair Color Xperts, Cary, NC Accommodations: The Umstead Hotel & Spa, Cary, NC I was really pleased when Lindsey and Michael contacted me earlier in the year to be their Raleigh wedding photographer. They were referred to me by Katie and Jeremy, whose Wake Forest wedding I documented back in November of 2012. They’d obviously seen Katie and Jeremy’s pictures and, looking for something a little different to the norm, decided to drop me a line. Lindsey is a Graphic Designer, and I always feel especially honoured when people who work in the visual arts choose me to shoot their wedding. It’s been a bit of a theme recently, and it’s so great when people just get what I do and give me free rein to cover the wedding as I see best. It frees me up to experiment, get creative and have fun. We did just that with the engagement shoot and carried that on into the wedding itself. Of course, there was a pretty massive switching of gears from creative portraiture in the e-session through to pure wedding photojournalism on the day itself. I don’t think I intervened in the day at all aside from the formals at the church and a few portraits of the couple at The Umstead. So, I want to say a huge thank you to Lindsey and Michael for being so cool and trusting and just letting me do my thing. They are a really lovely couple and I wish them all the best for a long and happy future together. Congrats guys! Here are a few of my personal faves from the day. cary wedding preparations photo Lindsey&MichaelBlog-2 Lindsey&MichaelBlog-4 Lindsey&MichaelBlog-5 Lindsey&MichaelBlog-8 Lindsey&MichaelBlog-11 Lindsey&MichaelBlog-12 Lindsey&MichaelBlog-14 Lindsey&MichaelBlog-15 Lindsey&MichaelBlog-16 Lindsey&MichaelBlog-17 Lindsey&MichaelBlog-18 Lindsey&MichaelBlog-19 Lindsey&MichaelBlog-22 Lindsey&MichaelBlog-23 Lindsey&MichaelBlog-24 umsetad hotel wedding cary photography Lindsey&MichaelBlog-29 Lindsey&MichaelBlog-30 Lindsey&MichaelBlog-33 caffè luna raleigh wedding photography Lindsey&MichaelBlog-36 Lindsey&MichaelBlog-38 Lindsey&MichaelBlog-40 Lindsey&MichaelBlog-41 Lindsey&MichaelBlog-42 Lindsey&MichaelBlog-43 Lindsey&MichaelBlog-44 Lindsey&MichaelBlog-47 Lindsey&MichaelBlog-48 Lindsey&MichaelBlog-50 Lindsey&MichaelBlog-51 Lindsey&MichaelBlog-52 Lindsey&MichaelBlog-53 Lindsey&MichaelBlog-56 Lindsey&MichaelBlog-57 Lindsey&MichaelBlog-58 Lindsey&MichaelBlog-60 Lindsey&MichaelBlog-61 Lindsey&MichaelBlog-66 Lindsey&MichaelBlog-67 Lindsey&MichaelBlog-69 Lindsey&MichaelBlog-70

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