Dear Internets, Being chosen to document a Duke University Chapel wedding is always an honour. Being asked to be the photographer for the wedding of Duke University Chapel’s Director of Worship is extremely humbling indeed. In our initial consultation call, Meghan and I both agreed that it’s important for there to be a connection of minds. So it was great to spend some tome together with Meghan and Adam ahead of the big day to get to know each other a bit more, have fun and experiment. We met early one Monday morning for a cup of coffee and headed out into the early morning sunshine to take some engagement photos around the gorgeous grounds of Sarah P. Duke Gardens. Working at the same places over and over is great as it pushes me to constantly experiment and try something new. I’m not really interested in reproducing shots I’ve already done and engagement sessions always provide a good forum for trying new things. Of course, I always make sure to get the go-to shots in the bag, but then try to mix things up with something a little more technically challenging. Sometimes, the shot comes off and sometimes I fail miserably. I always come away feeling I challenged myself and tried to produce something special. On this particular morning, it was amazing how harsh the light was even though we were out taking pictures by 8, but we worked with it and I’m really pleased with how the shots turned out. Here are a few of my fave images from our time together: Duke Gardens Engagement Session MeghanAdam0160-Edit MeghanAdam0029-Edit-Edit MeghanAdam0065-Edit MeghanAdam0086 MeghanAdam0093 MeghanAdam0136-Edit-2 MeghanAdam0210 MeghanAdam0071-Edit-2-Edit-2 MeghanAdam0238-Edit MeghanAdam0179

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