Ceremony & Reception: Grand Marquise Ballroom, Garner, NC

Florals: Jeffrey’s Florist, Dunn, NC

Planner: Creative Purposes, Raleigh, NC

Make-Up: Tiwa Lawrence, Raleigh, NC

Hair: Suede the Salon, Durham, NC

Videographer: Complete Raleigh Video, Raleigh, NC

Cake & Catering: Cake Couture Boutique, Raleigh, NC

Transportation: Classy Transportation, Raleigh, NC

Rentals: CE Rental, Raleigh, NC

DJ: Spin, Raleigh, NC

Photo Booth: Complete Weddings & Events, Raleigh, NC

Assistant Photographer: Rebecca Ferguson, Durham, NC

This year marks my fifth season as a Raleigh wedding photographer after moving down from Indiana with my wife and kids in the autumn of 2010. It’s been a really fun one so far and I’ve had the chance to shoot at a lot of cool venues I’ve never worked at before. Britney and Jerald’s Grand Marquise wedding last month continued this trend and I had a great time with them documenting their big day. I want to say a special thank you to all the vendors listed above for making it such an amazing event to photograph.

Big hugs and best wishes go to the happy couple, who were so amazing to work with! Good luck in your new life together, guys!

Here are just a few of my faves from the day.

Grand Marquise wedding photography dress reflection Grand Marquise wedding photography bridal prep Grand Marquise wedding photography shoe and clutch detail Grand Marquise wedding photography dress detail Grand Marquise wedding photography bridal makeup aiwa lawrence Grand Marquise wedding photography ring macro detail bokeh Grand Marquise wedding photography bride getting into dress Grand Marquise wedding photography bridal portrait mirror Grand Marquise wedding photography bride reading letter Grand Marquise wedding photography bridal portrait natural light Grand Marquise wedding photography groom portrait Grand Marquise wedding photography ceremony BritneyJeraldBlog-16 BritneyJeraldBlog-17 BritneyJeraldBlog-18 BritneyJeraldBlog-20 BritneyJeraldBlog-21 BritneyJeraldBlog-22 BritneyJeraldBlog-23 BritneyJeraldBlog-24 BritneyJeraldBlog-25 BritneyJeraldBlog-26 BritneyJeraldBlog-27 BritneyJeraldBlog-28 BritneyJeraldBlog-30 BritneyJeraldBlog-31 BritneyJeraldBlog-32 BritneyJeraldBlog-19 BritneyJeraldBlog-33 BritneyJeraldBlog-34 BritneyJeraldBlog-36 BritneyJeraldBlog-37 BritneyJeraldBlog-38 BritneyJeraldBlog-35 BritneyJeraldBlog-39 BritneyJeraldBlog-40 BritneyJeraldBlog-41 BritneyJeraldBlog-42 BritneyJeraldBlog-43 BritneyJeraldBlog-45 BritneyJeraldBlog-46 BritneyJeraldBlog-47 BritneyJeraldBlog-49 BritneyJeraldBlog-48 BritneyJeraldBlog-50 BritneyJeraldBlog-51
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This guy her is an awesome photographer.. He knows his vision and he delivers his vision…

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