October 22, 2016

raleigh portrait photographer – cristel’s headshots


Last weekend, I had the distinct pleasure of photographing a very special person indeed: my lovely wife, Cristel! You’d think that with her being married to a photographer, she’d have been in front of my camera quite a few times before, but the truth is that this was the first time we’d ever set out to take “proper” photos of her in our studio. Up till now, it’s been mostly about the kids and we’ve been endlessly procrastinating, waiting for such a day when we could set aside the necessary time to do it properly. So, with the excuse of Cristel needing a new headshot for her newborn photography website amongst other things, Cristel went and and bought some new clothes (any excuse!) and I got in touch with the fabulous Ashley of Radiant Beauty by Ashley who came in and did an amazing job with her make-up. We then set about taking some photos.

It’s pretty difficult to direct one’s wife – she doesn’t like being told what to do! So, we took a bit of time to warm up. But after cracking open a bottle of Merlot, things suddenly seemed to get a bit easier (I wonder why?) and Cristel really got into it. We took a lot of photos and it was difficult to narrow them down to a few for the blog, but here are just a few of the ones we selected together.

I had a lot of fun with this shoot and am looking forward to doing more soon, so anyone wishing to have a make-over from Ashley and a glass or two of vino for some fun photos should reach out to Cristel and me at We hope to see you soon!

raleigh portrait photographer - cristelblog-8
raleigh portrait photographer - cristel 1 cristelblog-3cristelblog-7 cristelblog-6 cristelblog-4 cristelblog-9 cristelblog-5

Thanks again to Ashley for the fab make-up work, Cristel for being such an amazing model (and wife!), and to vintners around the globe for making our jobs as photographers easier. Cheers!

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