November 4, 2016

carolina inn wedding photography – kristen & matthew (x2)

Carolina Inn Weddings

In England, we say that rain on your wedding day is good luck, so, that being the case, this couple is truly blessed!

Kristen & Matthew’s gorgeous wedding took place at The Carolina Inn on October 8th, 2016. This turned out to be a pretty significant date as it is also the day that another Matthew visited us for a pretty intense few hours. Yes, Hurricane Matthew pretty much pulled asunder all the plans we had for the day. Everything from the first look, to the family photos to the couple’s photos to the ceremony itself had originally been planned to take place outside, so quite a bit of thinking on feet had to be done by everyone involved. The fact it was also a game day at UNC meant that the Inn was teeming with people who were reluctant to venture outside, so finding any kind of space without hordes of sky blue clad football fans was an additional fun challenge! Luckily, Gina from A Southern Soirée and the good people at The Carolina Inn were on hand to make sure things ran as smoothly as possible.

Aside from that, Kristen and Matt were simply amazing. Other couples might get stressed out by the situation, but they were totally relaxed and zen about the whole thing. All the plans that had been put in place had changed on a dime, but the character of the day, beautiful as it was, turned out amazing in its own unique way.

I was lucky enough to be there with a camera to document it, so here are a few of my faves from the day. Make sure to scroll down to see some images from Kristen’s bridal session, which, given the lack of a hurricane have a totally different look and feel to them.

carolina-inn-wedding-photographer-kristen-matt-3 carolina-inn-wedding-photographer-kristen-matt-6carolina-inn-wedding-photographer-kristen-matt-51carolina-inn-wedding-photographer-kristen-matt-2 carolina-inn-wedding-photographer-kristen-matt-7 carolina-inn-wedding-photographer-kristen-matt-4 carolina-inn-wedding-photographer-kristen-matt-5 carolina-inn-wedding-photographer-kristen-matt-8 carolina-inn-wedding-photographer-kristen-matt-9 carolina-inn-wedding-photographer-kristen-matt-10 carolina-inn-wedding-photographer-kristen-matt-11 carolina-inn-wedding-photographer-kristen-matt-12 carolina-inn-wedding-photographer-kristen-matt-13 carolina-inn-wedding-photographer-kristen-matt-14 carolina-inn-wedding-photographer-kristen-matt-15 carolina-inn-wedding-photographer-kristen-matt-16 carolina-inn-wedding-photographer-kristen-matt-17 carolina-inn-wedding-photographer-kristen-matt-18 carolina-inn-wedding-photographer-kristen-matt-20 carolina-inn-wedding-photographer-kristen-matt-21 carolina-inn-wedding-photographer-kristen-matt-22carolina-inn-wedding-photographer-kristen-matt-24 carolina-inn-wedding-photographer-kristen-matt-25 carolina-inn-wedding-photographer-kristen-matt-26 carolina-inn-wedding-photographer-kristen-matt-27 carolina-inn-wedding-photographer-kristen-matt-28 carolina-inn-wedding-photographer-kristen-matt-29 carolina-inn-wedding-photographer-kristen-matt-30 carolina-inn-wedding-photographer-kristen-matt-31 carolina-inn-wedding-photographer-kristen-matt-32 carolina-inn-wedding-photographer-kristen-matt-33 carolina-inn-wedding-photographer-kristen-matt-34 carolina-inn-wedding-photographer-kristen-matt-35 carolina-inn-wedding-photographer-kristen-matt-36 carolina-inn-wedding-photographer-kristen-matt-37 carolina-inn-wedding-photographer-kristen-matt-38 carolina-inn-wedding-photographer-kristen-matt-39


Ceremony & Reception: The Carolina Inn, Chapel Hill, NC

Event Planner: A Southern Soirée, Raleigh, NC

Florist: Tre Bella, Durham, NC

DJ: Island Sound & Video, Raleigh, NC

Hair & Make-Up: Tiffany Mentrak, Raleigh, NC

Cake: Dewey’s Bakery, Winston-Salem, NC

Dress: Divas Boutique & Bridal, Greensboro, NC

Assistant Photographer: Brian Calabrese, Apex, NC


And, as promised, here’s a bonus round featuring some of my faves from Kristen’s downtown Raleigh bridal photography session from a few weeks before the wedding. Kristen had wanted to go with a totally different vibe to the classic ambience of The Carolina Inn and asked to shoot around downtown Raleigh for a modern, urban feel. As you can see it was a little bit sunnier and a little less rainier than on her wedding day!


downtown-raleigh-bridal-session-kristen-54 downtown-raleigh-bridal-session-kristen-70 downtown-raleigh-bridal-session-kristen-65 downtown-raleigh-bridal-session-kristen-66 downtown-raleigh-bridal-session-kristen-62 downtown-raleigh-bridal-session-kristen-69 downtown-raleigh-bridal-session-kristen-55 downtown-raleigh-bridal-session-kristen-60 downtown-raleigh-bridal-session-kristen-68 downtown-raleigh-bridal-session-kristen-59 downtown-raleigh-bridal-session-kristen-57 downtown-raleigh-bridal-session-kristen-63 downtown-raleigh-bridal-session-kristen-61 downtown-raleigh-bridal-session-kristen-64 downtown-raleigh-bridal-session-kristen-56 downtown-raleigh-bridal-session-kristen-58 downtown-raleigh-bridal-session-kristen-67 downtown-raleigh-bridal-session-kristen-71


Congratulations again to Kristen & Matthew. You are such lovely people and I wish you both a long and happy life together! Thanks again for having me along to be a part of your day.

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