December 11, 2016

city club wedding photographer – lauren & adam

Raleigh Wedding Photojournalism

Lauren & Adam’s wedding at the City Club in downtown Raleigh was a great way to start off my November. Planned beautifully by the fabulous Emily of Whiskey & White Events, blessed with autumnal sunlight and topped off with a fabulous party courtesy of the amazing band, Fantasy, it was a great day to photograph from start to finish. Not to mention Lauren & Adam, their friends and family are such fun, happy people – you can tell theirs is going to be a long and happy marriage. All the best, guys!

Here’s a quick recap of the story of Lauren & Adam’s special day with just a few of my favourite shots…

city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-2-4 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-4 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-3 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-6 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-1-6 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-8 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-12 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-21 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-13 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-14 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-16 Raleigh Wedding Photographers - NC Capitol Bridal Photo city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-17 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-18 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-10 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-22 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-23 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-25 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-26 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-27 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-28 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-29 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-30 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-32 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-33 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-34 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-19 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-2-2 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-36 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-37 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-40 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-41 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-38 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-55 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-43 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-48 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-52 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-53 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-58 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-59 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-60 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-63 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-64 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-65 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-67 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-68 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-70 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-72 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-69 city-club-raleigh-wedding-photography-lauren-adam-73 City Club Raleigh Wedding Photographer - Sparkler Exit


Ceremony & Reception: City Club, Raleigh, NC, Event Planner: Whiskey & White Events, Raleigh, NC, Officiant: Weddings by Heidi, Durham, NC, Ceremony Musicians: Save the Date Music, Raleigh, NC, Band: Fantasy Band, Rock Hill, NC, Florist: Meristem Floral, Raleigh, NC, Cake: Cinda’s Creative Cakes, Holly Springs, NC, Catering: City Club, Raleigh, NC, Rentals: CE Rental, Raleigh, NC, Accommodations: The Umstead Hotel & Spa, Cary, NC, Transportation: White Horse Transportation, Raleigh, NC, Photo Booth: ZimZoom Photo Booth, Raleigh, NC, Hair: Parlor Blow Dry Bar, Cary, NC, Assistant Photographer: Erin Costa, Wilmington, NC

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