duke chapel wedding photography – sara’s bridal session
July 10, 2017

duke chapel wedding photography – sara’s bridal session

Bridal Session

Sara & Ross tied the knot in a truly beautiful wedding at Duke Chapel this past Saturday and I’m looking forward to sharing some images from their gorgeous day really soon. In the meantime, I’m pleased to be able to share some photos from Sara’s recent bridal photography session. This was a fun but challenging shoot as it started raining pretty heavily just a few minutes into the session and then rained off and on for the duration. This meant that we were restricted to shooting under cover a lot of the time, which forced me to think differently and get creative to obtain the widest variety of images possible whilst keeping Sara and her beautiful Pronovias dress and Jimmy Choo shoes dry and clean. So we worked a variety of scenarios in and around the arcades and in the covered areas around the chapel. Kudos to Sara for being truly up for getting down (literally) and being willing to sit on steps, window sills, etc. to get the shot. I think we made a pretty good team!

As you can see, Sara made a truly radiant bride. She looked amazing and was super fun to work with. She’s currently sunning herself down in Cabo with her hubby, but I want to thank her for going above and beyond to make the shoot a success.

Here are just some of my favourite photos from the session. Have a great week everyone!

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Marijo Chudik Martin 11:24 July 11, 2017
Stunning pictures, beautiful bride!
Marisa Lee Martin 13:25 July 11, 2017
So beautiful!
Jill Kosco Martin 14:18 July 11, 2017
These are seriously the most beautiful bride pictures I've ever seen. Congratulations to you both!
Laura Petersen 20:48 July 12, 2017
stunning as always
Courtney Marie 17:40 July 17, 2017
WOWWWW so stunning!

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