Wedding photography is one of the most important aspects of a wedding because it is what will last. Years after the day, you can pick up the photo album and look at it with your spouse and remember everything that made that day so incredible. It is a way to keep the memory of all the excitement and love you felt on that day alive for years and years afterwards. Joe Payne Photography realizes how important wedding photography is and that is why Joe is dedicated to creating the perfect photos to capture the experience for you.

Photojournalistic Wedding Pictures

Joe Payne focuses on what he calls a "photojournalistic" approach to wedding photography. What does this mean for you? It means that he works to tell your story and express your personality in the photos. Every wedding is an amazing, unique experience. In Joe Payne's photography, he captures the moments and the details that made it such a beautiful day. That way you can remember everything from your wedding day when you look at the photography years later.

Working Together

Especially when it comes to engagement photos, it is important also that you work together well with your photographer. Joe makes an effort to include all your input and ideas. Ultimately, he wants the pictures to reflect your style and your personality. That is why he doesn't just put you through a generic list of poses. There is no formula to great photography. It is all about understanding who you are and what makes your relationship beautiful.

A Professional Chapel Hill Wedding Photographer

Joe Payne Photography is a photography service you can rely on. If you browse through Joe's portfolio, you can see the quality of the photos he takes and you can see the way his photojournalistic approach captures all the emotion and amazing moments of a wedding. But another guarantee he offers clients is quick turnaround. You can expect your wedding photos within a month of your wedding. By that time, life will have settled down a little and you can relax and enjoy looking through your wedding photos with your spouse and reminiscing about your wonderful wedding day.