On your wedding day, one of the most important days of your life, you don't just want a stranger there snapping photos of the event. You want a friend at your side who is eager to capture all the amazing memories, beautiful details, and emotions of the experience.

Getting to Know Joe

It all started with the baby. When Joe Payne and his wife had their first child, it prompted him to buy a camera. He enjoyed taking portraits of his adorable child and began to study photography. As his interest in the subject grew, he studied more and more seriously and began his own portrait photography business. Now, years later, he has found his niche as an award winning Raleigh wedding photographer and focuses exclusively on wedding and engagement photos because it has become his field of expertise.

Joe's Style is Your Style

If you browse through Joe Payne's portfolio, you will probably notice several distinct trademarks of his style: his artistic eye for good lighting and framing, his photojournalistic approach to wedding pictures, and his ability to portray emotion. However, these are things that can be adapted to a wide variety of different photographic styles. This flexibility allows Joe to get to know you and your story and personality and then express your unique style in the photos. Ultimately, when you pull out your wedding photo album years from now, he wants you to see your own style in the pictures, not just his.

Making Photography Fun

Although Joe greatly enjoys the artistic aspects of working as a Raleigh photographer, a lot of the joy he gets from his job is working with clients. Talking with you, hearing your stories, and incorporating your input and ideas into his photos is what keeps his job interesting and exciting. Each wedding is an entirely unique experience and Joe loves the challenge of expressing what made it unique in his photography. That is what makes working with Joe Payne Photography genuine good fun. He enjoys the experience and guarantees that you will as well. Every new wedding photography project isn't a business deal; it's the start of a new friendship.