OK, so this past weekend was a bit of a bust weather-wise. Luckily for me, I got a concentrated blast of sunshine on Saturday afternoon in the form of Katie and her family. Remind me to take my shades next time I go to visit with Olivia and Mayson. What a couple of little characters!

As you can see below, the pics turned out great. I have to say a big thanks to Katie and BJ for helping out with the candy and bribery. Believe it or not, Olivia would not sit still for long, so I needed all the help I could get! Thanks too to Mayson for putting up with my lame jokes and humouring me when she was well past her “done” stage.

Have a great week everybody. Hopefully, this cavalcade of colour and cuteness gets it off on the right foot.



KatiePics-24 KatiePics-11 KatiePics-4 KatiePics-5 KatiePics-16 KatiePics-25 KatiePics-2 KatiePics-27 KatiePics-10 KatiePics-21 KatiePics KatiePics-12 KatiePics-22 KatiePics-3 KatiePics-15 KatiePics-13 KatiePics-26 KatiePics-6 KatiePics-17 KatiePics-23 KatiePics-9 KatiePics-14 KatiePics-7 KatiePics-19 KatiePics-18 KatiePics-20 KatiePics-8

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