In order to make this title make sense, I am currently sipping a Hurricane whilst I upload these pics from the zoo the other day. This is obviously a fib, given that it is 9am on a Thursday, but go with me on this one. Anyway, this particular title is from one of my favourite Muse songs which concerns itself with chaos theory, with specific emphasis on the Butterfly Effect. As far as I am concerned, far too many musicians have overlooked this area of physics when looking for inspiration for a quick ditty. For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, here is a link to the song being played live at Wembley in 2007: Butterflies and Hurricanes Live. I realise it may be a bit too much of a racket for some, but at least hang around for the piano solo at 3:45. It’s so subtly done you have to love it. Enough blather, here are the pics – see if you can spot the hurricane: Butterflies Butterflies-2 Butterflies-3 Butterflies-4 Butterflies-5 Butterflies-6 Butterflies-7 Butterflies-8 Butterflies-9 Butterflies-10

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