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May 19, 2010

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cents and sensibility

After receiving a lot of positive feedback and reviews from my clients, I have realised that it’s perhaps time to increase my rates in line with the majority of photographers on the market. As such, if you would like to schedule a session, please do so as soon as possible to lock in the current pricing. Such perks as getting a full DVD of hi-res images as part of the package will no longer be standard past this coming weekend.

On a related note, I have put some more definition to my wedding packages and am happy to share those with engaged couples upon request. Anyone sending me a reference will qualify for a special prize (tailored to each individual). Recent winners are Jodie and Ben Weber who will be receiving something warm and fuzzy in the post pretty soon!



PS – As I can’t really post here without including a photo, here’s a picture I took for my daughter Charlotte. She always laughs at the bit in Fantasia when the cossack-dancing thistles show up. So I saw this today and thought of her…

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