June 11, 2010

introducing… zach!


Hi everyone,

It’s been a fun few days since we got back from vacation, but I have been itching to get out and shoot again. The crazy weather has forced a number of postponements, so I was really pleased that Wednesday’s forecasted storms held off in order to be able to go and meet up with Zach and his fantastic Mum and Dad, Yvonne and Scott. We got some really nice shots outside in their lovely big garden as well as in and around the home. Zach was really chilled out the whole time and only resorted to hinting politely when he needed his nappy changed or another feed. I am on a roll with my newborns!

Anyway, one of the things that struck me straightaway about Zach was what fab big blue eyes he has. Thanks to Mum and Dad getting stuck in and helping out, we got him to look at the camera enough to catch them doing their thing and sparkling for us a bit. Mum had also lined up a great selection of outfits (including the Colts onesie and related accoutrements), so we got some great shots across the board.

For my fellow geeks out there, the camera used for this shoot was a Canon EOS 50D with a range of lenses (35 f/2, 50 f/1.4, 24-70 f/2.8 and 70-200 f/4 IS).

Yvonne, Scott & Zach-26 Yvonne, Scott & Zach-8 Yvonne, Scott & Zach-5 Yvonne, Scott & Zach-11 Yvonne, Scott & Zach-15 Yvonne, Scott & Zach-21 Yvonne, Scott & Zach-28 Yvonne, Scott & Zach-3 Yvonne, Scott & Zach-9 Yvonne, Scott & Zach-17 Yvonne, Scott & Zach-23 Yvonne, Scott & Zach-27 Yvonne, Scott & Zach-31 Yvonne, Scott & Zach Yvonne, Scott & Zach-13 Yvonne, Scott & Zach-6 Yvonne, Scott & Zach-16 Yvonne, Scott & Zach-18 Yvonne, Scott & Zach-22 Yvonne, Scott & Zach-29 Yvonne, Scott & Zach-2 Yvonne, Scott & Zach-10 Yvonne, Scott & Zach-12 Yvonne, Scott & Zach-25 Yvonne, Scott & Zach-14 Yvonne, Scott & Zach-19 Yvonne, Scott & Zach-20 Yvonne, Scott & Zach-24 Yvonne, Scott & Zach-4 Yvonne, Scott & Zach-30 Yvonne, Scott & Zach-7

Have a great weekend everyone!



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