A few weeks back, I mentioned meeting some very close friends of ours, Brad and Jennie, at a monthly gathering of friends who consume lots of raw fish, rice sake and plum wine. On Saturday, Cristel, Charlotte and I attended the wedding of two more "Sushi Club" friends, Justin and Meredith, who tied the knot up the road in Fishers. The official photographer for the day was the marvelously talented Angela Talley, but, as you can guess, I couldn't get through the day without taking some pictures of my own, especially given that is was the first time in ages the original Sushi Club members got together AND Charlotte was wearing a pretty cute frock for the special occasion (a gift from her Uncle Marcos and Aunt Gisela in Panama).

On a related note, I was asked to provide coverage for Justin and Meredith's rehearsal dinner on the eve of their wedding. I had a really great time and it we got some really nice, relaxed informal shots ahead of the big day. I am in the process of editing those and will get them up to share ASAP.

Hope everyone has a great week.



Geek info: Canon EOS 5D Mark II with 85mm f/1.8 (church shots and portraits) and 50mm f/1.4 (reception).

J&M Wedding-4
J&M Wedding-2
J&M Wedding-3
J&M Wedding
J&M Wedding-5
J&M Wedding-6
J&M Wedding-7
J&M Wedding-8
J&M Wedding-9
J&M Wedding-10
J&M Wedding-11
J&M Wedding-12
J&M Wedding-13
J&M Wedding-14
J&M Wedding-15
J&M Wedding-16
J&M Wedding-17
J&M Wedding-18
J&M Wedding-19
J&M Wedding-20
J&M Wedding-21
J&M Wedding-22
J&M Wedding-23
J&M Wedding-24
J&M Wedding-25
J&M Wedding-26
J&M Wedding-27
J&M Wedding-28
J&M Wedding-29
J&M Wedding-30
J&M Wedding-31
J&M Wedding-32
J&M Wedding-33

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