The final part of my triple-header of shoots last Sunday took me to my old stamping grounds in Cincinnati, OH. Ault Park to be precise. This place has a lot of great memories for me, including a certain office party almost 10 years ago where far too much alcohol was consumed and I ruined a perfectly good tuxedo. Anyway, if you'd told me back then I would be working as a photographer now, I would have probably told you (in a slurred English accent) you were slightly barking. But so it is, and so it was that I spent last Sunday evening dodging the storms and taking photographs of Lily and Josie and their mum and dad, Christine and Nick.

The lighting for this shoot was pretty much perfect. A storm had come through a few hours earlier and it was really humid, but with the setting sun, the air had a really nice glow to it. That combined with the fact that Josie and Lily are such natural subjects, I was really pleased with the results and it capped the day off nicely.

Editing these was pretty tough as I had such a plethora of material to go through and weed out all but the very best shots in order to make the viewing as easy as possible. Here are my favourites for you to have a look at.

Happy Independence Day everyone and remember that, like Thanksgiving, we English invented that particular holiday for you. Now you just need to get Boxing Day on the calendars too.



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