Yesterday marked another milestone for me as I shot my first engagement session. Jenna and Ryan were the lucky couple and we had a fantastic hour walking around Cincinnati's Ault Park. We were blessed with some really great lighting as the sun was setting, so that, combined with the fact that Jenna and Ryan are such a fun couple, meant that we got some lovely images. I am very much looking forward to shooting their wedding next May!

Jenna & Ryan-37
Jenna & Ryan-31
Jenna & Ryan-8
Jenna & Ryan-20
Jenna & Ryan-14
Jenna & Ryan-27
Jenna & Ryan-36
Jenna & Ryan-34
Jenna & Ryan-2
Jenna & Ryan-45
Jenna & Ryan-4
Jenna & Ryan-39
Jenna & Ryan-38
Jenna & Ryan-35
Jenna & Ryan-26
Jenna & Ryan-24
Jenna & Ryan II-2
Jenna & Ryan-13
Jenna & Ryan-11
Jenna & Ryan-9
Jenna & Ryan-3
Jenna & Ryan II-4
Jenna & Ryan
Jenna & Ryan-46
Jenna & Ryan-43
Jenna & Ryan-10
Jenna & Ryan-41
Jenna & Ryan-32
Jenna & Ryan-6
Jenna & Ryan-29
Jenna & Ryan-22
Jenna & Ryan-16
Jenna & Ryan-42
Jenna & Ryan-17
Jenna & Ryan-40
Jenna & Ryan-33
Jenna & Ryan-30
Jenna & Ryan-23
Jenna & Ryan-7
Jenna & Ryan II
Jenna & Ryan-12
Jenna & Ryan-5
Jenna & Ryan-25
Jenna & Ryan-15
Jenna & Ryan II-3
Jenna & Ryan-28

Geek info: Canon EOS 5D Mark II with Canon EF 50mm f/1.2 L USM and Canon EOS 50D with 70-200mm f/4 L IS USM

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