November 9, 2010

catching up…

Me Myself and Eye

It’s been a pretty intense month or so here with a lot of stuff going on between one thing and another. We’ve moved to North Carolina and been going through that whole process of getting settled in a new home and getting set up with doctors and hospitals and the like with the impending arrival of our baby daughter. As a result, I have a lot of catching up to do on here as I’ve shot a couple of weddings and senior sessions since the last update back in September. I hope to get caught up over the next few days.

One source of consistency for us in this sea of change is Charlotte. She has really done a brilliant job of adapting to the new surroundings and is more and more fun every day. The only time she really sits still is when she is watching her children’s programmes on telly. BBC America On Demand has a lot of good shoes and Rosie & Jim seems to be a firm favourite right now. Here she is totally engrossed in the action…

I also had the interesting experience of watching Andy Pandy with her the other day. That was a show I used to watch when I was a kid and probably my mum watched it when she was little too. It’s a bit more hi-tech these days and IN COLOUR! How times change!

Anyway, will be posting a bit more int he coming days. Thanks for stopping by…

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