Rehearsal Dinner: The Queen City Club, Cincinnati, OH Wedding Ceremony: St. Ursula Academy, Cincinnati, OH Reception: The Green Residence, Anderson Township, OH The weekend before we upped sticks to move to North Carolina, I had the honour of documenting Cathy and Jimmy’s wedding for them. It was a long couple of days, but extremely fun and very rewarding indeed. Coverage started at the Queen City Club in downtown Cincinnati and continued the next morning as the girls got ready for the day ahead at Valenti salon. From there we headed back to the Green residence in Anderson Township, which was also the venue for the evening reception. Cathy’s mum, Susan, had done a great job getting the house ready with a gorgeous marquee in the garden and fairy lights decorating the bushes and swimming pool. It really was a great location to shoot in. The wedding ceremony too was in a beautiful venue, with the chapel at St. Ursula Academy providing the backdrop there. The weather on the big day was amazing and the garden and views from the Green household were a riot of colour. If anything, the sunlight was the only challenge as it was very harsh indeed to work with, but we worked around it and the pictures turned out beautifully. You might be aware of the fact that I only use natural or available light for my photography, so I have to work with what I have in order to get the lighting looking its best. As always, no flash was used at all in any of these pictures as I prefer to work unobtrusively so as not to draw attention to the fact pictures are being taken and disrupt the flow of the day. One thing you’ll notice from the photographs is how relaxed Cathy and Jimmy were on an occasion when many people tend to get very stressed indeed. They both were really laid back and had a great sense of humour. This combined with the fact that they are obviously besotted with each other made for some really lovely images. My thanks go out to them and their friends and family for allowing me to document their special day. Now onto the pictures, here are just some of my favourites from the wedding day itself… CBW-194 CBW-7 CBW CBW-3 CBW-2 CBW-4 CBW-5 CBW-6 CBW-8 CBW-9 CBW-10 CBW-11 CBW-12 CBW-13 CBW-14 CBW-15 CBW-16 CBW-17 CBW-18 CBW-19 CBW-20 CBW-21 CBW-22 CBW-23 CBW-24 CBW-25 CBW-26 CBW-27 CBW-28 CBW-29 CBW-30 CBW-31 CBW-32 CBW-33 CBW-34 CBW-35 CBW-36 CBW-37 CBW-38 CBW-39 CBW-40 CBW-41 CBW-42 CBW-43 CBW-44 CBW-45 CBW-46 CBW-47 CBW-48 CBW-50 CBW-52 CBW-51 CBW-49 CBW-53 CBW-54 CBW-55 CBW-57 CBW-58 CBW-59 CBW-60 CBW-61 CBW-62 CBW-63 CBW-56 CBW-64 CBW-65 CBW-67 CBW-68 CBW-69 CBW-70 CBW-71 CBW-72 CBW-73 CBW-74 CBW-75 CBW-76 CBW-77 CBW-78 CBW-79 CBW-80 CBW-81 CBW-82 CBW-66 CBW-83 CBW-84 CBW-85 CBW-158 CBW-86 CBW-121 CBW-87 CBW-88 CBW-89 CBW-90 CBW-91 CBW-92 CBW-93 CBW-94 CBW-95 CBW-96 CBW-97 CBW-99 CBW-98 CBW-100 CBW-101 CBW-102 CBW-103 CBW-104 CBW-105 CBW-106 CBW-107 CBW-108 CBW-109 CBW-110 CBW-111 CBW-112 CBW-113 CBW-114 CBW-115 CBW-116 CBW-117 CBW-118 CBW-119 CBW-120 CBW-123 CBW-124 CBW-125 CBW-126 CBW-127 CBW-128 CBW-129 CBW-130 CBW-131 CBW-122 CBW-132 CBW-133 CBW-134 CBW-135 CBW-136 CBW-137 CBW-138 CBW-139 CBW-140 CBW-141 CBW-142 CBW-143 CBW-144 CBW-145 CBW-146 CBW-147 CBW-148 CBW-149 CBW-150 CBW-151 CBW-152 CBW-153 CBW-154 CBW-155 CBW-156 CBW-157 CBW-159 CBW-160 CBW-161 CBW-162 CBW-163 CBW-164 CBW-165 CBW-166 CBW-167 CBW-168 CBW-169 CBW-170 CBW-171 CBW-172 CBW-173 CBW-174 CBW-175 CBW-176 CBW-177 CBW-178 CBW-179 CBW-180 CBW-181 CBW-182 CBW-183 CBW-184 CBW-185 CBW-186 CBW-187 CBW-188 CBW-189 CBW-190 CBW-191 CBW-192 CBW-193 CBW-195 CBW-196 CBW-197 CBW-198 CBW-199 CBW-200 CBW-201 CBW-202 CBW-203 CBW-204 CBW-205 CBW-206 CBW-207 CBW-208 CBW-209 CBW-210 CBW-211 CBW-212 CBW-213 CBW-214 CBW-215 CBW-216 CBW-217 CBW-218 CBW-219 CBW-220 CBW-221 CBW-222 CBW-223 CBW-224 CBW-225 CBW-226 CBW-227 CBW-228 CBW-229 CBW-230 CBW-231 CBW-232 CBW-233 CBW-234 CBW-235 CBW-236 CBW-237 CBW-238 CBW-239 CBW-240 CBW-241 CBW-242 CBW-243 CBW-244 CBW-245 CBW-246 CBW-247 CBW-248 CBW-249 CBW-250 CBW-251 CBW-252 CBW-253 CBW-254 CBW-255 CBW-256 CBW-257 CBW-258 CBW-259 CBW-260 CBW-261 CBW-262 CBW-263 CBW-264 CBW-265 CBW-266 CBW-267 CBW-268 CBW-269 CBW-270 CBW-271 CBW-272 CBW-273 CBW-274 CBW-275 CBW-276 CBW-277 CBW-278 CBW-279 CBW-280 CBW-281 CBW-282 CBW-283 CBW-284 CBW-285 CBW-286 CBW-287 CBW-288 CBW-289 CBW-290 CBW-291 CBW-292 CBW-293

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