Back in early October, I got the chance to hang out with Max and take his senior pictures for him. It was a really nice evening and I had scouted out a few locations for us to hit up, so we headed out and got the job done. There are some great old abandoned redbrick warehouses out on 16th Street in Indianapolis, right by the railway on what is now the Monon Trail. We took a few pictures there and in the playing fields next door before heading downtown to the area by Meridian and South by the Slippery Noodle and then across to Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Colts, and then back again to the tunnels under the railway there. Max was typically shy for a high school senior, but had a good sense of humour, which meant we got things squared away with the minimum of fuss. This actually turned out to be my last shoot in Indianapolis and I couldn’t have chosen a better subject. Here are the pick of the pics. MaxWhiteLogo MaxWhiteLogo-5 MaxWhiteLogo-4 MaxWhiteLogo-3 MaxWhiteLogo-2 MaxEdit Max Max-32 Max-26 Max-25 Max-24 Max-23 Max-22 Max-21 Max-20 Max-19 Max-18 Max-17 Max-15 Max-14 Max-13 Max-12 Max-11 Max-10 Max-9 Max-8 Max-7 Max-6 Max-5 Max-4 Max-3 Max-2

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