A couple of days back, I met up with Akiko and Jordan bright and early at Jack Sprat's coffee shop in downtown Chapel Hill. We met up early to avoid the heat and get the best light, and after a double espresso and a chat, I was ready to rock n' roll.

Akiko and Jordan were a really fun couple to work with and their chemistry really showed when they got together in front of the camera. Both UNC alumni, the locations around the grounds of the campus had special meaning to them, but it is a really fabulous place to shoot given the beautiful architecture and lush greenery everywhere.

As always with my engagement shoots, we took things slowly, had fun and looked for the light. We certainly found it all on this day!

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  1. Thanks Emily. I always have a drink and a chat with the couple ahead of the actual shoot in order to break the ice and have everyone relax. It would have been a Bloody Mary, but it was too early for that kind of malarkey! :)

    Hope you’re enjoying life down in FL!

  2. 2 things: I love the pictures & I love that you had coffee with the couple prior to their shoot. According to these images they felt very comfortable with you. Gorgeous location & lighting, Joe!


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