duke chapel wedding photography ~ jacquie and erik
October 17, 2012

duke chapel wedding photography ~ jacquie and erik

Duke Chapel Weddings

Wedding Ceremony: Duke Chapel, Durham, NC

Wedding Reception: The Sarah P. Duke Gardens, Durham, NC

Cake: Lynn’s Traditions, Raleigh, NC

DJ and Videographer: Damien Maas, Durham NC

Assistant Photographer: Rebecca Ferguson, Durham, NC

The first time I ever visited Durham back in 2007, I was lucky enough to visit Duke Chapel and was totally spellbound by its beautiful gothic architecture. And so it was, when we moved to the area in late 2010, that I made it my goal to shoot a wedding there as soon as possible. Almost exactly one year to the day later, I was contacted by Jacquie and was extremely pleased when we met up and she told me wanted to go ahead and book me as the wedding photographer on her big day. Fast-forward almost a year later again and I found myself, a British wedding photographer in Durham, under a cloudless blue sky gazing up at the ornate façade counting my blessings for having the opportunity to work in such a gorgeous place of worship.

I want to thank Blanche and Sara at Duke Chapel for having everything so well organised and being so great to work with – they truly do run a very well-oiled machine over there. Thanks also to the staff at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens for looking after Rebecca and me so well during the reception. Lynn over at Lynn’s Traditions baked up another gorgeous cake and Damian Maas did a truly superb job with the videography and DJing. Great job guys!

Finally, a very special thank you to Jacquie and Erik for allowing me to be a part of their special day. I wish you both every happiness in your future together.

Here are a few of my favourites from the day:

Ryknow Resma 14:03 October 18, 2012
what kind of photocam did you guys used in this wedding? 7D? or MARK 25D?
Joe Payne 15:06 October 18, 2012
Hi Ryknow, Thanks for your message. Rebecca and I used a combination of 1D X, 5D, 5D Mk II and 5D Mk III for these images. Cheers, Joe
Peter Forman 15:43 October 18, 2012
Great as usual Joe! The picture of them leaving the church is fantastic!
Claudio Lira 16:17 October 18, 2012
Parabens show!
Damien Maass 19:31 October 18, 2012
Pictures came out great Joe! Really nice job and it was a pleasure working with you as well!
Joe Payne 21:37 October 18, 2012
Obrigado Claudio!
Joe Payne 21:38 October 18, 2012
Thanks Peter. You're next!
Joe Payne 21:38 October 18, 2012
Cheers Damien. Hope to see you again soon.
Emily Winslow 09:03 October 23, 2012
Crikey, these are amazing. You just get better and better :)
Joe Payne 03:09 October 24, 2012
Thanks, Ems!
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[...] and receptions at beautiful venues across North Carolina from Lake Lure to the Carolina Inn and Duke Chapel, a whole host of fantastic couples, and a number of awards it really was a great 12 months indeed. [...]

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