Chapel Hill Wedding Photography – Imara-Safi & Preston
June 24, 2014

Chapel Hill Wedding Photography – Imara-Safi & Preston

Chapel Hill Wedding Photographer

Planning & Event Design: Cheylaina Fultz, Creative Purposes, Raleigh, NC

Wedding Ceremony & Reception: Private Residence, Chapel Hill, NC

Catering & Cake: Cake Couture Boutique, Raleigh, NC

Band: Napoleon Graves Band, Durham, NC

Sound: Marty Taylor Productions, Raleigh, NC

Florals: Cheylaina Fultz, Creative Purposes, Raleigh, NC

Tent Rental: DeeJay’s Event Rentals, Raleigh, NC

Tables & Chairs Rentals: Triangle Party Rentals, Durham, NC

Linens & Toasting Flute Rentals: CE Rental, Raleigh, NC

Hair & Bridesmaids’ Make-Up: Krystal Cherry, Roxie Kae &  All Things Beauty, Raleigh NC

Bride’s Makeup: Tiwa Lawrence, Pink Diamonds, Raleigh, NC [/one_half]



This is the word I would choose to most accurately describe Imara-Safi and Preston’s Chapel Hill wedding the weekend before last. From start to finish, everything was absolutely brilliant and a joy to document. I have to give a huge “Thank You” to Cheylaina of Creative Purposes for putting together such a great wedding. Absolutely every detail was taken care of to the Nth degree by Cheylaina and her team and the results were amazing: the florals, the marquee tent, the arrangement of the furniture for the ceremony – all amazing. Cheylaina also lined up a great group of wedding professionals and it was a pleasure working with such great vendors as Tiwa of Pink Diamonds through to the Napoleon Graves Band who totally killed it and even managed to get me on the dance floor (a scary thought, I know).

The light on this mid-June day was as harsh as it gets and working with it was challenging but fun. The payoff was a sunset with such gorgeous warmth and colour I wanted to take a spoon out and eat it. Combine that with a fantastic couple who are so obviously in love, surrounded by great friends and family – taking these photos really was both an honour and a pleasure.

As you can see, narrowing down the images for a blog post was a challenge, but there were so many great moments I really couldn’t bring myself to cut any more out. Believe me, there could have been twice as many!

Here are my favourites from the day.

ImaraPrestonBlog-90 ImaraPrestonBlog-2 ImaraPrestonBlog-1 ImaraPrestonBlog-3 ImaraPrestonBlog-5 ImaraPrestonBlog-6 ImaraPrestonBlog-7 ImaraPrestonBlog-8 ImaraPrestonBlog-9 ImaraPrestonBlog-10 ImaraPrestonBlog-11 ImaraPrestonBlog-12 ImaraPrestonBlog-13 ImaraPrestonBlog-14 ImaraPrestonBlog-15 ImaraPrestonBlog-16 ImaraPrestonBlog-17 ImaraPrestonBlog-18 ImaraPrestonBlog-19 ImaraPrestonBlog-20 ImaraPrestonBlog-21 ImaraPrestonBlog-22 ImaraPrestonBlog-23 ImaraPrestonBlog-24 ImaraPrestonBlog-25 ImaraPrestonBlog-26 ImaraPrestonBlog-27 ImaraPrestonBlog-28 ImaraPrestonBlog-29
ImaraPrestonBlog-38 ImaraPrestonBlog-39 ImaraPrestonBlog-43 ImaraPrestonBlog-46 ImaraPrestonBlog-47 ImaraPrestonBlog-49 ImaraPrestonBlog-48 ImaraPrestonBlog-50 ImaraPrestonBlog-51 ImaraPrestonBlog-52 ImaraPrestonBlog-53 ImaraPrestonBlog-54 ImaraPrestonBlog-55 ImaraPrestonBlog-56 ImaraPrestonBlog-57 ImaraPrestonBlog-58 ImaraPrestonBlog-59 ImaraPrestonBlog-60 ImaraPrestonBlog-61 ImaraPrestonBlog-62 ImaraPrestonBlog-63 ImaraPrestonBlog-64 ImaraPrestonBlog-65 ImaraPrestonBlog-66 ImaraPrestonBlog-67 ImaraPrestonBlog-68 ImaraPrestonBlog-69 ImaraPrestonBlog-70 ImaraPrestonBlog-71 ImaraPrestonBlog-72 ImaraPrestonBlog-73 ImaraPrestonBlog-74 ImaraPrestonBlog-75 ImaraPrestonBlog-76 ImaraPrestonBlog-77 ImaraPrestonBlog-78 ImaraPrestonBlog-79 ImaraPrestonBlog-80 ImaraPrestonBlog-81 ImaraPrestonBlog-82 ImaraPrestonBlog-83 ImaraPrestonBlog-84 ImaraPrestonBlog-85 ImaraPrestonBlog-86 ImaraPrestonBlog-87 ImaraPrestonBlog-88 ImaraPrestonBlog-89 ImaraPrestonBlog-91 ImaraPrestonBlog-92 ImaraPrestonBlog-93 ImaraPrestonBlog-94 ImaraPrestonBlog-95 ImaraPrestonBlog-96 ImaraPrestonBlog-97 ImaraPrestonBlog-98 ImaraPrestonBlog-99 ImaraPrestonBlog-100 ImaraPrestonBlog-101 ImaraPrestonBlog-102 ImaraPrestonBlog-103 ImaraPrestonBlog-104 ImaraPrestonBlog-105 ImaraPrestonBlog-106 ImaraPrestonBlog-107 ImaraPrestonBlog-108 ImaraPrestonBlog-109 ImaraPrestonBlog-110 ImaraPrestonBlog-111 ImaraPrestonBlog-112 ImaraPrestonBlog-113 ImaraPrestonBlog-114 ImaraPrestonBlog-115

Ann Hadley 11:43 June 26, 2014
Thanks for posting the beautiful pictures of Preston and Imara's wedding day for those of us who could not be there. Preston's Uncle Alan & Aunt Ann
Joe Payne Photography 11:46 June 26, 2014
You're welcome, Uncle Alan and Aunt Ann. It was a great day and I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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