Wedding Ceremony: Duke Chapel, Durham, NC Reception: The Cotton Room, Durham, NC DJ: The Perfect Beat, Apex, NC Florals: Tre Bella, Durham, NC Cake: Sugarland, Chapel Hill, NC Hair & Makeup: Samuel Cole Salon, Raleigh, NC Accommodation: Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club, Durham, NC Assistant Photographer: Jimmy Beech, Raleigh, NC   It was a really gorgeous day for Brianna and Chris’s Duke Chapel wedding in mid-July. We’ve had a pretty stormy summer so far this year, so it was great to see the sun. A lot of photographers tend to run for the shade on sunny days, but I love working with harsh sunlight! It certainly made for some dramatic images of the bride in Duke Chapel’s arcades. After the ceremony, we headed outside into the grounds around Duke Chapel to take some pictures as the sun was setting. There’s quite a lot of construction going on on that area of campus right now, but we worked around it to get some images of Brianna’s dad’s vintage Austin Healey roadster before heading off to the reception at The Cotton Room. The Perfect Beat DJ did a great job of getting everyone dancing and fun was had by all involved. Big thanks to Brianna and Chris for giving me the honour of documenting their engagement and their wedding day. Best wishes to the both of them as they begin their married life together. Here are just a few of my personal faves from the day… BriannaChris0712140206-Edit BriannaChris0712140190-Edit BriannaChris0712140079 BriannaChris0712140142 BriannaChris0712140247 BriannaChris0712140374-Edit-Edit-Edit BriannaChris0712140457 BriannaChris0712140507 BriannaChris0712140511 BriannaChris0712140557 BriannaChris0712140684 BriannaChris0712140702 BriannaChris0712140735 BriannaChris0712140712 BriannaChris0712140769 BriannaChris0712140797 BriannaChris0712140821-Edit BriannaChris0712140830 BriannaChris0712140860 BriannaChris0712141038-Edit BriannaChris0712141041 BriannaChris0712141097 BriannaChris0712141166 BriannaChris0712141218-Edit BriannaChris0712141228-Edit BriannaChris0712141238-Edit-Edit BriannaChris0712141298 BriannaChris0712141323 BriannaChris0712141343 BriannaChris0712141416 BriannaChris0712141472 BriannaChris0712141558 BriannaChris0712141595 BriannaChris0712141664 BriannaChris0712141680 BriannaChris0712141717 BriannaChris0712141766 BriannaChris0712141938 BriannaChris0712141994 BriannaChris0712142052 BriannaChris0712142272 BriannaChris0712142556 BriannaChris0712142559 BriannaChris0712142562 BriannaChris0712142566 BriannaChris0712142572 BriannaChris0712142615 BriannaChris0712142639 BriannaChris0712142708 BriannaChris0712142772 BriannaChris0712142803 BriannaChris0712142797 BriannaChris0712142776 BriannaChris0712142850 BriannaChris0712142829 BriannaChris0712142842 BriannaChris0712142507 BriannaChris0712142880

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