Wedding Ceremony: Duke Chapel, Durham, NC

Reception: Treyburn Country Club, Durham, NC

DJ: Lenny Fritt’s Touch of Class DJ’s, Cary, NC

Florals: Tre Bella, Durham, NC


Cake: Sweet Memories Bakery, Apex, NC

Hair & Makeup: Posh Salon, Durham, NC

Accommodation: Durham Marriott City Center, Durham, NC

Assistant Photographer: Jimmy Beech, Raleigh, NC


Lexi and Tom’s Duke Chapel wedding went down in the books as being one of the wettest I have documented, both in terms of the weather and the fact I was actually moved to tears during the ceremony for the first time ever. It was Tom’s sister’s singing that got me. It wasn’t till I went back and looked through the pics that I saw it got him too. A truly beautiful moment and one I feel privileged to have shared in and documented.

The day started off pretty much as it continued to go on: grey, rainy and quintessentially English in nature. There is definitely a different vibe to weddings that take place in the rain and I actually find them quite cosy and warm, which sounds a bit counter-intuitive. Maybe it’s all the summer holidays I spent back home taking refuge in a tent with my family while we were battered by the elements. Whatever it is, I really love the mood of a rainy day.

Here are just a few of my faves from Lexi and Tom’s big day. Congrats again guys and best wishes for a long and happy future together!

LexiTomWeddingOut0004-Edit LexiTomWeddingOut0030
LexiTomWeddingOut0054 LexiTomWeddingOut0071 LexiTomWeddingOut0093 LexiTomWeddingOut0097 LexiTomWeddingOut0200 LexiTomWeddingOut0467 LexiTomWeddingOut0206 LexiTomWeddingOut0229 LexiTomWeddingOut0249 LexiTomWeddingOut0318 LexiTomWeddingOut0341 LexiTomWeddingOut0367 LexiTomWeddingOut0386 LexiTomWeddingOut0393 LexiTomWeddingOut0397 LexiTomWeddingOut0448-Edit-Edit-Edit LexiTomWeddingOut0562 LexiTomWeddingOut0573 LexiTomWeddingOut0598
LexiTomWeddingOut0629 LexiTomWeddingOut0657 LexiTomWeddingOut0672 LexiTomWeddingOut0692 LexiTomWeddingOut0731 LexiTomWeddingOut0734 LexiTomWeddingOut0719LexiTomWeddingOut0781 LexiTomWeddingOut0815 LexiTomWeddingOut0851 LexiTomWeddingOut0860 LexiTomWeddingOut0951 LexiTomWeddingOut1134-Edit LexiTomWeddingOut1455-Edit LexiTomWeddingOut1461 LexiTomWeddingOut1589 LexiTomWeddingOut1615 LexiTomWeddingOut1760 LexiTomWeddingOut1792 LexiTomWeddingOut1876 LexiTomWeddingOut1902 LexiTomWeddingOut2129 LexiTomWeddingOut2152
LexiTomWeddingOut2342 LexiTomWeddingOut2437 LexiTomWeddingOut2502 LexiTomWeddingOut2533

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