Ceremony: St. Michael The Archangel, Cary, NC

Reception: Sheraton Raleigh Hotel, Raleigh, NC

DJ: All Around Raleigh DJ, Raleigh, NC

Florals: Creative Touch Events, Raleigh, NC

Hair & Make-Up: Atomic Salon, Raleigh, NC

Catering: Sheraton Raleigh Hotel, Raleigh, NC

Dress: Elegant Bridal, Burlington, NC

Tuxedos: Men’s Wearhouse, Raleigh, NC

Cake: Edible Art, Raleigh, NC

Rentals: Connie Duglin Linen, Raleigh, NC


I first met up with Perciliz and Brendan over drinks in the Wild Turkey Lounge at the Angus Barn. It was a cold autumnal evening and so I was very pleased indeed to be introduced by Brendan to the concept of the Old Fashioned. Suffice to say, it was a very fun consultation indeed, so I was very pleased when I heard they’d selected me for their Raleigh wedding photography. It also made me look forward very much to their engagement session whereby we met up once more for a couple of my new fave tipples to relax before heading out for a walk to take some pics.

Fast forward to October 24th, and we were blessed with truly gorgeous weather on their wedding day. I met up with the bride and her entourage at the Sheraton Raleigh where they were getting ready before heading up to St. Michael’s in Cary for the ceremony. This is actually my parish church, so I was really pleased to get the chance to shoot a wedding there. From there, we headed back downtown for some photos with the bridal party around the State Capitol building and on to the Sheraton where the reception was held. I really have to give a shout-out to Laura and the staff there for looking after everyone so well, they really are an amazing team. Eric from All Around Raleigh DJ kept the dance floor filled, as he always does, with a steady succession of hits, so that gave me plenty of photo opportunities. Finally, Perciliz and Brendan slipped outside for some cool night portraits showcasing the lights of Fayetteville Street in Raleigh. It was the perfect way to end a beautiful day with a fabulous couple.

Here are just a few of my faves from Perciliz and Brendan’s day.

raleighweddingphotographerpercilizmakeup Raleigh wedding photographerRaleighweddingphotographer2-74PercilizBrendanWedding-93PercilizBrendanWedding-89 PercilizBrendanWedding-559PercilizBrendanWedding-40 PercilizBrendanWedding-65 PercilizBrendanWedding-102 PercilizBrendanWedding-110 PercilizBrendanWedding-123 PercilizBrendanWedding-130 PercilizBrendanWedding-137 PercilizBrendanWedding-149 PercilizBrendanWedding-159 PercilizBrendanWedding-180 PercilizBrendanWedding-184 PercilizBrendanWedding-189 PercilizBrendanWedding-191 PercilizBrendanWedding-203 PercilizBrendanWedding-205 PercilizBrendanWedding-211 PercilizBrendanWedding-215 PercilizBrendanWedding-216 PercilizBrendanWedding-227 PercilizBrendanWedding-229 PercilizBrendanWedding-237 PercilizBrendanWedding-243 PercilizBrendanWedding-247 PercilizBrendanWedding-250 PercilizBrendanWedding-261 PercilizBrendanWedding-262 PercilizBrendanWedding-266 PercilizBrendanWedding-278 PercilizBrendanWedding-297 PercilizBrendanWedding-300 PercilizBrendanWedding-305 PercilizBrendanWedding-310 PercilizBrendanWedding-313 PercilizBrendanWedding-319 PercilizBrendanWedding-344 PercilizBrendanWedding-351PercilizBrendanWedding-394PercilizBrendanWedding-376 PercilizBrendanWedding-377 PercilizBrendanWedding-380 PercilizBrendanWedding-398 PercilizBrendanWedding-408 PercilizBrendanWedding-424 PercilizBrendanWedding-436 PercilizBrendanWedding-478PercilizBrendanWedding-452 PercilizBrendanWedding-457 PercilizBrendanWedding-460 PercilizBrendanWedding-493 PercilizBrendanWedding-495 PercilizBrendanWedding-500 PercilizBrendanWedding-508 PercilizBrendanWedding-511 PercilizBrendanWedding-515 PercilizBrendanWedding-521 PercilizBrendanWedding-525 PercilizBrendanWedding-532 PercilizBrendanWedding-547 PercilizBrendanWedding-549 PercilizBrendanWedding-554 PercilizBrendanWedding-570 PercilizBrendanWedding-586 PercilizBrendanWedding-591 PercilizBrendanWedding-597 PercilizBrendanWedding-598 PercilizBrendanWedding-600 PercilizBrendanWedding-602 PercilizBrendanWedding-621 PercilizBrendanWedding-639 PercilizBrendanWedding-661 PercilizBrendanWedding-675 PercilizBrendanWedding-684 PercilizBrendanWedding-688 PercilizBrendanWedding-690 PercilizBrendanWedding-696 PercilizBrendanWedding-698 PercilizBrendanWedding-702 PercilizBrendanWedding-709 PercilizBrendanWedding-716 PercilizBrendanWedding-719 PercilizBrendanWedding-720 PercilizBrendanWedding-723 PercilizBrendanWedding-730 PercilizBrendanWedding-732 PercilizBrendanWedding-733 PercilizBrendanWedding-759 PercilizBrendanWedding-762 PercilizBrendanWedding-763 PercilizBrendanWedding-785PercilizBrendanWedding-776PercilizBrendanWedding-738PercilizBrendanWedding-736

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