durham engagement session – meghan & shawn
January 12, 2016

durham engagement session – meghan & shawn


Duke Gardens on a sunny autumn morning. It doesn’t get much better than that! Here are a few frames from Megan and Shawn’s Durham engagement session from just before Thanksgiving. Looking forward to their big day in May!

Megan Shawn Blog-18

Megan Shawn Blog-2

Megan Shawn Blog-1

Megan Shawn Blog-7

Megan Shawn Blog-3

Megan Shawn Blog-9

Megan Shawn Blog-12

Megan Shawn Blog-8

Megan Shawn Blog-5

Megan Shawn Blog-14

Megan Shawn Blog-6

Megan Shawn Blog-10

Megan Shawn Blog-19

Megan Shawn Blog-11

Megan Shawn Blog-15

Megan Shawn Blog-4

Megan Shawn Blog-16

Megan Shawn Blog-13

Megan Shawn Blog-17

Megan Shawn Blog-20

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