duke gardens engagement photography – yasmin & mike
January 17, 2016

duke gardens engagement photography – yasmin & mike


Last week, I headed out to Duke Gardens with Yasmin and Mike for a really fun engagement shoot. Regular readers of the blog will know I shoot there a lot, so to keep things fresh on this occasion I challenged myself to shoot with just two pieces of gear: a Canon digital camera with an 85mm f/1.2 lens and a Pentax 67 camera with a 105mm f/2.4 lens. It was a cold day, so we pretty much had the gardens to ourselves and the light was gorgeous. Yasmin and Mike were troopers and we came away with some pretty nice shots. Here are just a few of my faves:

Yasmin Mike Blog-50

Yasmin Mike Blog-71

Yasmin Mike Blog-76

Yasmin Mike Blog-66

Yasmin Mike Blog-61

Yasmin Mike Blog-78

Yasmin Mike Blog-49

Yasmin Mike Blog-41

Yasmin Mike Blog-57

Yasmin Mike Blog-42

Yasmin Mike Blog-55

Yasmin Mike Blog-39

Yasmin Mike Blog-67

Yasmin Mike Blog-73

Yasmin Mike Blog-40

Yasmin Mike Blog-53

Yasmin Mike Blog-60

Yasmin Mike Blog-75

Yasmin Mike Blog-70

Yasmin Mike Blog-43

Yasmin Mike Blog-69

Yasmin Mike Blog-44

Yasmin Mike Blog-56

Yasmin Mike Blog-45

Yasmin Mike Blog-64

Yasmin Mike Blog-72

Yasmin Mike Blog-62

Yasmin Mike Blog-51

Yasmin Mike Blog-54

Yasmin Mike Blog-58

Yasmin Mike Blog-52

Yasmin Mike Blog-48

Yasmin Mike Blog-59

Yasmin Mike Blog-65

Yasmin Mike Blog-46

Yasmin Mike Blog-77

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