rose hill estate wedding – julianne’s bridal session

The lovely Julianne got married on Saturday, so I am finally able to share some of my fave images from her Rose Hill Estate bridal session, which I photographed back in April.

I always say not all bridal sessions are the same. It really depends on the bride, her personality and what she wants to do with her session. This was a classic example of that; Julianne has family ties to the estate so we had pretty much free rein of the grounds. We started out taking traditional bridal portraits by a grove of trees and I noticed the estate's cemetery in the distance. I jokingly asked if Julianne wanted to take photos in there. Fast forward a couple of hours and that's where we finished up at the end of the shoot.

I had a lot of fun with it and I know Julianne did too. Here's what she messaged me after she received the gallery:

"My mom and I finished looking at them .... I cried. They are SO beautiful and just absolutely stunning!!!!!! I was in so much awe over them that it made me cry, you did such a BEAUTIFUL job and I cannot find enough words to tell you how amazing those photos were. I wanted to show John the photos you did so badly because they just blew me away but obviously he can’t see them/me until the wedding unfortunately ?? I am SO HAPPY that we found you and I am ecstatic that you are our photographer. I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful work you did and I am really looking forward to the wedding day and seeing John and I together in the photos ?? Again, thank you SO MUCH!!!!"

Here are just a few of my favourites from Julianne's bridal session:

juliannebridal 1
juliannebridal 2
juliannebridal 3
juliannebridal 4
juliannebridal 5
juliannebridal 6
juliannebridal 7
juliannebridal 8
juliannebridal 9
juliannebridal 10
juliannebridal 11
juliannebridal 12
juliannebridal 13
juliannebridal 14
juliannebridal 15
juliannebridal 16
juliannebridal 17 1
juliannebridal 28
juliannebridal 18
juliannebridal 19
juliannebridal 20
juliannebridal 21
juliannebridal 22
juliannebridal 23
juliannebridal 24
juliannebridal 25
juliannebridal 26
juliannebridal 27

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