raleigh engagement photographer – kayla & deandre

A few weeks ago, I headed out to a new location for Kayla & DeAndre’s engagement session. Kayla had mentioned she wanted to get a rural vibe to her photos and wanted to shoot around sunset so we hit up a nature preserve for golden hour. The light was amazing and Kayla & DeAndre have a great look as well as a unique chemistry, which was great as it meant we could shoot quickly and move on to get some variety to the locations and the poses. Not to mention is was HOT, so it was great to get back in the AC at the end of the session!

I think we did a pretty good job and Kayla thins so too. Here is what she texted me after I delivered her gallery earlier today:

“We are absolutely in LOVE with the photos. Thank you for making our vision come true <3.”

Here are just a few of my faves from the shoot…

KaylaDeAndreEngagement 1
KaylaDeAndreEngagement 2
KaylaDeAndreEngagement 3
KaylaDeAndreEngagement 5
KaylaDeAndreEngagement 9
KaylaDeAndreEngagement 12
KaylaDeAndreEngagement 6
KaylaDeAndreEngagement 4
KaylaDeAndreEngagement 7
KaylaDeAndreEngagement 13
KaylaDeAndreEngagement 14
KaylaDeAndreEngagement 15
KaylaDeAndreEngagement 8
KaylaDeAndreEngagement 16
KaylaDeAndreEngagement 17
KaylaDeAndreEngagement 18
KaylaDeAndreEngagement 19
KaylaDeAndreEngagement 20
KaylaDeAndreEngagement 21
KaylaDeAndreEngagement 22
KaylaDeAndreEngagement 23
KaylaDeAndreEngagement 24
KaylaDeAndreEngagement 25
KaylaDeAndreEngagement 26
KaylaDeAndreEngagement 27
KaylaDeAndreEngagement 28
KaylaDeAndreEngagement 29
KaylaDeAndreEngagement 30
KaylaDeAndreEngagement 11
KaylaDeAndreEngagement 31
KaylaDeAndreEngagement 33
KaylaDeAndreEngagement 34
KaylaDeAndreEngagement 35
KaylaDeAndreEngagement 36
KaylaDeAndreEngagement 38
KaylaDeAndreEngagement 39
KaylaDeAndreEngagement 37

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