intimate duke chapel wedding - jenny & andrew

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July 2, 2023

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intimate duke chapel wedding – jenny & andrew

It seems strange seeing the words “intimate” and “Duke Chapel wedding” together. Duke Chapel is one of the largest and most visually impressive places you could wish to get married at. But since Duke Chapel started allowing smaller weddings to take place on Sundays, I’ve been lucky enough to photograph two, Jenny & Andrew’s being the first, and they have both been for Chinese couples with just a small group of friends and family in attendance. The small congregation does nothing to diminish the beauty of the weddings themselves as you’ll see from Jenny and Andrew’s photos.

The brief for this day was just a few hours of photography of Jenny getting ready and then a focus on the wedding ceremony itself and lots of portraits of Jenny and Andrew. From a photography standpoint, it was interesting watching the light change throughout the day as the sun popped in and out and we definitely made the most of the way the mood changed, especially in the arcades where we played with the harsh light and shadows quite a bit.

Here are just a few faves from Jenny & Andrew’s wedding day. I’ll be meeting them again in a few weeks for a post-wedding session so keep a lookout for that!

Here are my picks of the pics.

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