With so many options available, what is it that separates Joe Payne from other Durham wedding photographers? If you take a look at his portfolio, you will see. It's not just his friendly attitude and the fun times you have on photo shoots together, because many photographers are enjoyable to work with. What makes Joe Payne Photography exceptional is his style.

What Does "Photojournalistic" Mean?

If you ask Joe to describe his perspective on wedding photography in a few words, two of them will no doubt be "wedding photojournalism." But what does that really mean? How does it affect the photos he takes? A photojournalistic approach means that Joe focuses on telling the story of the experience. What makes your wedding day special? What are the beautiful, heartwarming details that you will want to remember forever? What are the smiles and reactions of family members and friends at the reception afterwards? Joe Payne is there to capture everything that makes your wedding day amazing.

Portraits and Candid Shots

When it comes to engagement photos, Joe Payne's experience in portrait photography gives him the ability to create stunning, gorgeous, and fun engagement pictures that you can send to family and friends in the wedding announcements and invitations. However, in the wedding photography, Joe likes to include a variety of both portraits and candid shots. His photos are always artistic and beautiful, but they vary in style because he likes to capture specific moments and emotions throughout the wedding day and every wedding is different.

The Trademark of Joe Payne Photography

Ultimately, the trademark of Joe Payne's photography style is your style. He enjoys getting to know you, hearing your story, and expressing your personality in the photos. He doesn't just put every client through a formula and the same list of poses and shots. He tailors each wedding photography project to fit your expectations and imagination. Because your wedding day is all about you. When you look through your wedding photo album years from now, you won't just see pretty artistic shots that reflect the photographer's personality. You will see photos that express who are you and your relationship with the one you love.