May 9, 2012

lake lure north carolina wedding photography ~ shannon and paul

North Carolina Weddings

Wedding and reception: The 1927 Lake Lure Inn & Spa, Lake Lure, NC

Florist: Brown’s Floral Design & Interiors, Asheville, NC

Cake: Tiffany’s Baking Company, Asheville, NC

My first wedding of 2012 and what a way to start off the new season. This wedding had it all: a gorgeous venue in a fantastic, picturesque location and an amazing couple in Shannon and Paul.

First of all, the Lake Lure Inn was such a great place to work. It was my first real trip up into the North Carolina mountains, so I was amazed at the beauty of the scenery and the Inn itself has such an fantastic amount of character with its 1920’s décor. Shannon and Paul  had their ceremony at the Morse Park Meadows Gazebo overlooking the lake and then headed back to the inn for their reception. It really was a perfect combination and made making great images a really enjoyable process.

Shannon and Paul were a great couple to work with. As they are Florida-based, my interactions with them were limited to emails and a couple of phone calls, so it was great to finally meet them in person on their wedding day. I went straight in to hang out with Shannon while she was getting ready and we got on like a house on fire from there. Paul was great to work with as well and his Puerto Rican family ties also meant I got to watch some serious salsa moves on the dance floor. Anyway, it was beautiful to see such obvious love between the two of them and their happiness at tying the knot was a pleasure to be there to see and document.

I need to give a shout out to Patrick and all the great staff at the Lake Lure Inn for being so amazingly hospitable and friendly. You guys planned a fantastic event and it was such a joy to work with a bunch of professionals going out of their way to make everything run smoothly.  Also, kudos to the team at Tiffany’s Baking Company for such a gorgeous cake and the guys over at Brown’s Floral Design for some amazing flower arrangements. I hope to see you all again soon!

Anyway, enough blather – on with the photos. These are a few of my faves from the day:

ShannonPaul ShannonPaul1 ShannonPaul-2 ShannonPaul-210 ShannonPaul-4 ShannonPaul-3 ShannonPaul-5 ShannonPaul-6 ShannonPaul-7 ShannonPaul-9 ShannonPaul-10 ShannonPaul-310 ShannonPaul-11 ShannonPaul-12 ShannonPaul-13 ShannonPaul-14 ShannonPaul-15 ShannonPaul-16 ShannonPaul-18 ShannonPaul-20 ShannonPaul-17 ShannonPaul-21 ShannonPaul-19 ShannonPaul-22 ShannonPaul-23 ShannonPaul-25 ShannonPaul-24 ShannonPaul-61 ShannonPaul-53 ShannonPaul-410 ShannonPaul-28 ShannonPaul-29 ShannonPaul-30 ShannonPaul-31 ShannonPaul-26 ShannonPaul-32 ShannonPaul-33 ShannonPaul-34 ShannonPaul-35 ShannonPaul-36 ShannonPaul-38 ShannonPaul-71 ShannonPaul-39 ShannonPaul-27 ShannonPaul-42 ShannonPaul-2-2 ShannonPaul-47 ShannonPaul-45 ShannonPaul-44 ShannonPaul-43 ShannonPaul-37 ShannonPaul-46 ShannonPaul-50 ShannonPaul-49 ShannonPaul-48 ShannonPaul-51 ShannonPaul-40

Emily Winslow 17:41 May 9, 2012
Absolutely stunning Joe!
Joe Payne 18:43 May 9, 2012
Thanks Em! ;)
Rebecca Adams Ferguson 03:27 May 10, 2012
These are lovely, Joe! Awesome work! :)
Joe Payne 12:31 May 10, 2012
Thank you, Rebecca! Much appreciated!
Cristel Castillo 02:22 May 13, 2012
Cristel Castillo 02:24 May 13, 2012
me encantaron estas fotos!
Claudia Guarin 06:52 May 13, 2012
Lindísima Fotos!!!!
Joe Payne 00:39 May 16, 2012
Gracias wifey!
Karen Paradis 13:44 May 21, 2012
Hi, Joe, the photos look great! I just posted the link on my Brown's Wedding Design FB page. I would love to get more images of the florals from you, especially the arch with the mountains in the background if you have it. Thanks!
Joe Payne 00:53 May 22, 2012
Thanks Karen. Please can you send me a message on FB with your email address? I'll get the pics to you...
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