Portraiture June 22, 2010

raegan and the boys

The weather over the last few weekends has played total havoc with my schedule with a load of shoots having to...
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rehearsal dinners June 17, 2010

justin and meredith’s rehearsal dinner

My friends Justin and Meredith's rehearsal took place on Friday last week. I was honoured and privileged enough to be asked...
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Wedding Photography June 14, 2010

justin and meredith get hitched

A few weeks back, I mentioned meeting some very close friends of ours, Brad and Jennie, at a monthly gathering of...
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Portraiture June 11, 2010

introducing… zach!

Hi everyone, It's been a fun few days since we got back from vacation, but I have been itching to get...
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Portraiture June 4, 2010

panamanian portraiture

As a lot of you may know, I have the fortune of being married to the gorgeous Cristel and dad to...
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Tutorials June 3, 2010

tutorial two – composition basics

One of the things that will help your pictures stand out from the crowd is to have a knowledge of the...
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Me Myself and Eye May 19, 2010

cents and sensibility

After receiving a lot of positive feedback and reviews from my clients, I have realised that it's perhaps time to increase...
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Tutorials May 18, 2010

tutorial one – getting good family pics

A few people have asked me about the recipe for getting good family pics, so I thought I would put down...
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Families May 17, 2010

dynamic duo

They say there's a first time for everything, and last week I had the pleasure of working with twins for the...
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Portraiture April 26, 2010

an afternoon at katie’s…

OK, so this past weekend was a bit of a bust weather-wise. Luckily for me, I got a concentrated blast of...
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Me Myself and Eye April 22, 2010

butterflies and hurricanes

In order to make this title make sense, I am currently sipping a Hurricane whilst I upload these pics from the...
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Me Myself and Eye April 20, 2010

day in/day out

It's been a while since I just went out just shooting random stuff, so after spending the morning working at home,...
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Portraiture April 13, 2010

one sunday in spring…

Last Sunday, I took a trip over to my old stamping grounds in Cincinnati to hang out with some old friends...
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Tree Huggery April 9, 2010

spring special

Hi guys, In order to help finalise my schedule for the next few weeks, all April/May sessions booked between now and...
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Portraiture April 7, 2010


Brad and Jennie are two of my best friends here in Indy. I met them about three years ago (wow, time...
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Me Myself and Eye March 31, 2010

quality time

Spending a few days with my wife Cristel's family. We get to share very little time with our loved ones, so...
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Portraiture March 28, 2010

cuteness overload

Yesterday, I had the immense pleasure of sharing my morning with little Abigail and her mum. Abbey was in a great...
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Me Myself and Eye March 25, 2010

spring at the ima

I went for a walk around the grounds of IMA this morning to scout out for a shoot this weekend. There...
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Portraiture March 24, 2010

a star is born…

This past weekend, I got the chance to go and hang out with this little stunner. She was certainly a natural...
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